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October 24, 2012: Yoga For Stress: Ten Tips For Managing Your Stress
Thank you to all who attended my “Yoga for Stress” workshop. As promised, here are the “Cole’s Notes” from our session together! You can read all ten tips, plus a bonus tip, by clicking here.

November 9, 2011: It All Comes Down To Paper Clips
Our barn caught on fire ; a lot of the content was destroyed. Now we are heaving out piles of things that are melted, charred or torched. If they were just material items, this would be so very simple…Read More

Sept 17, 2011: Our Big BBQ – Minus the Fun and the Food!
Our barn fire is definitely proving to be an experience of no small proportion in terms of financial and philosophical change. I have posted pictures of the damage on my Facebook page. Next time we have a BBQ of this size, I will be sure to have the burgers and beer on hand!….See the pics

September 12, 2011: Fire!

“Your barn’s on fire! Your barn’s on fire” yelled the stranger, “Call 911!” she screamed, “It’s bad!!”

My husband and I looked at the woman who had roared into our driveway, her hands waving in the direction of our barn, not believing that this could actually be happening. But the smoke pouring into the sky set Paul running towards the barn…Read on

June 27, 2011: Summer Solstice Magic
As the last few voices chanting “Ommmmm” drifted off in the night breeze, the musical tones of a singing bowl faded with the evening light. It was summer solstice 2011 – and it was magical…Read More

June 12, 2011: Killbear Park – Food for the Soul!
After a ten year hiatus, my hubbie and I went back to Killbear Park for a few days of camping. Or, sort of camping, if you count an RV as an oversized tent with running water. With dogs, kayaks, hiking boots, camera and of course, a great deal of liquid refreshment, we spent five great days at Killbear. See the pics….

May 2, 2011: The Hindu Holy Trinity
The gods of the Hindi are as multi-faceted as the human race; they are neither totally benevolent nor wholly avaricious. Perhaps they are merely spiritual reflections of the human race; or are we just the flesh and blood of the gods? See the pics…..

April 24, 2011: The Women of India – Saris amidst the shanties
Like brightly coloured butterflies, the women of Chennai are adorned in vivid blues, reds, greens and golds. Their saris and salwar kameez shimmer in the hot sun; they are stunning contrasts to the slums and garbage of the city. It’s not only their clothing that draws your attention.Their faces are fascinating; their gazes can be pensive and penetrating. This photojournal gives you a glimpse into their lives…and perhaps their thoughts….See the pics

April 10, 2011: The Streets of Chennai
This photojournal of the streets of Chennai offers a view of the chaotic and the serene, where drivers appear to be on a suicide mission, and pedestrians cross the street at their peril. Amidst all this craziness, the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram quietly goes about its mission of helping people and teaching yoga to those who are ready to learn….Read more

March 31, 2011: The Many Faces of India – the Children of Chennai
This photojournal of the children of Chennai offers a glimpse into the complex nature of India. Some of these children came running up to me, asking that their picture be taken; in turn, I gave them money or pens as a meager token of thanks. Some I captured as they went about their daily lives, oblivious to the photographic intrusion.

Regardless, their oblivion to the poverty and garbage around them made me question if I was the one who was ignorant to the essentials of life. If there is joy in these places, what are the absolutes that drive our happiness?…See the pics

March 1, 2011: What Does Loyalty Mean?
After 25 years of loyal service, she was walked out of the building by a security guard. So much for the golden handshake and a nice watch. How about an escort to the parking lot and a pair of silver bracelets?…. Read On

January 19, 2011: When The Journey Is The Destination
Getting to India for a yoga retreat is proving to be tougher than doing downward facing dog on a sheet of ice. Every time I get a grip on the yoga mat of my travel plans, something else comes along to shove me off-balance…Read More

January 7, 2010: The Sounds of Silence
Connie is empty nesting all over again. The steady hum of the refrigerator and the ponderous plodding of her overweight cat are the only sounds that break the silence….Read More

January 4, 2010: If Paradise Is A Pizza
Over the holidays, moments become memories and a large slice of heaven…Read More

December 18, 2010: Did I Pee My Pants Or Lay An Egg?
I could feel a warm, wet spot developing in the front of my jeans. Was I peeing my pants or laying an egg?…Read More

December 8, 2010: Can I Help You?
“Can I help you?”  sneered the sales representative. Maybe my imagination was running rampant, but I could have sworn that her upper lip was curled in utter disdain. Sure, I wasn’t dressed in my best “Jones of New York” outfit, but I was clean and basically presentable. Be that as it may, I obviously wasn’t up to “snuff” in this upscale women’s clothing store and was feeling more like a supplicant than a buyer….Read More

December 1, 2010: Facing the Tweets, Twits and Twaddle
My good friend Connie has had it. That’s it. Enough already. Drowning in a flood of electronic messages, she has decided to take a stand… Read her blog

November 22, 2010: Those Were The Days My Friend
Ahh, the 60’s – what were you doing? Having Hot Fun in the Summertime with Sly? Stopping in the name of Love? Trying a little Tenderness? Lady Boomer takes a Magic Carpet Ride back in time….Read More

November 2, 2010: A Great Escape And Her Two Accomplices
Having a great Escape takes a couple of accomplices to make a dream truck come true…Read More

October 26, 2010: Hiking in a Fairy Tale
If you believe in magic, Watkins Glen must be one place where fairies and elves flit amongst the rocks. More photos of surreal beauty…See more

October 18, 2010: The Grand Canyon of the East – Part Two
The Middle and Lower Falls of Letchworth State Park – and points in between. The photojournal continues…See more

October 15, 2010: The Grand Canyon of the East – Part One
Words alone could not capture the incredible beauty of Letchworth State Park and Watkins Glen, in New York. A photojournal attempts to provide you with a glimpse of the spectacular scenery. Here is Part One.

Sept 21, 2010: Rites of Manhood
Buying a pickup truck is a rite of manhood for a son, and a rite of passage for a mother…Read more

Sept 12, 2010: Penis Envy
Penis envy is only a deep seated desire to have two cups of coffee at a breakfast meeting…Read More

Sept 8, 2010: Do You Want Free Long-distance Calling?
Free long-distance calling is only a Gmail account away….Read More

September 3, 2010: Should You Have Laser Eye Surgery?
Thinking about laser eye surgery? The decision for lady boomers may not be as clear as the vision we seek. Here is what this lady boomer found out in her search for 20-20…Read the post

August 31, 2010: You Give Me Fever
With a fever of 103 degrees, Lady Boomer is one hot chick….read more (but there ain’t much!)

August 26, 2010: Grandparenting…four provinces away
Connie reminds us that giving children both roots and wings means honouring and accepting the consequences of success…Read More

August 22, 2010: Reflections of Georgian Bay
A five-day kayaking and photography trip on Georgian Bay with White Squall is an unforgettable experience. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought a photographic journal would convey the beauty of this trip better than any sentences I could string together…See the images

August 15, 2010: A Natural Woman
Preparing for a kayak trip reminds Lady Boomer what sort of a natural woman she really is…Read More

August 14, 2010: The Front Fell Off
Some politicians are like oil spills. Watch this interview and see if you agree…Watch now

August 9, 2010: Too Type “A” for Tai Chi
Greetings fellow Type A’s. Take me to your leader, preferably a Type B or C – someone who is calm, serene, enlightened and relaxed. Someone like a Tai Chi instructor… Read More

August 4, 2010Stranger at the Door – Part Two
Would I be more willing to help Paul Bernardo than Bill Parker? This stranger taught me a lesson that I am still trying to digest…Read More

July 28, 2010Stranger at the Door – Part One
What would you do if a stranger knocked on your door, seeking shelter for the night?….Read More

July 31, 2010A Rip in my Invisibility Cloak – By: Connie Travelling
Connie wonders if a construction worker whistles in the forest, will it make a difference in her day? Find out!

July 26, 2010: Connie tells us – My Glass is Half Full….even if there is a leak
I want to freeze this time of my life, remember this day. Because I know that there will come a time, some moment in the future, that everything will have changed….Read More

July 24, 2010: Catch My Ride – Part Two
Having road-tested six small SUV’s as well as my husband’s patience, it was decision time. See what the “Boom and Bust” ratings are by Lady Boomer!…Read More

July 16, 2010Catch My Ride – Part One
Shopping for a car has changed a lot in the past 12 years. Once upon a time it felt more like an adversarial experience with buyer and seller weaving around each other in the ring. Buyer came in, coyly looking at possible cars, not wanting to look too eager; seller slid over assessing the wants and wallets of the prospects. Once a choice was made, the two combatants sat down and through an uncomfortable process of bidding, berating and surrender, a car eventually changed hands. I hated the whole confrontation and the feeling that you had to beat or be beaten in order to get the best deal. Shopping should be fun but the old way of buying a car was more like combat and about as enjoyable as sparring with someone intent on maiming you…Read More

July 13, 2010Start Your Engines
It started with a small, insistent rattle that wouldn’t go away, no matter how high I turned up the radio. As time went on, the sounds of groaning metal began to resemble nasty bowel sounds after a particularly spicy meal and the potential outcome was promising to be just as undesirable. My 12 year Mercury Mystique is no longer the sporty, nimble vehicle she once was (come to think of it, neither am I) and the time is drawing critically close for me to trade her in for another mode of transportation (fortunately my husband hasn’t come to the same conclusion about me.)…Read More

July 20, 2010: Connie tells us about – Making a list, checking it twice
What I turn my mind to happens. What I bring my attention to gets done…Read More

July 17, 2010The Way of the Sword
Haidong Gumdo is the Korean martial art of sword fighting. For me, Gumdo is more than an outlet for exercise and fitness. It is a discipline, an essential part of my life and an art form. I love its beauty, elegance and power; regardless of your age or fitness level, Gumdo is suitable for everyone…Read More

July 8, 2010It’s a Dog’s Life
It wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to occupy a corner of my heart that I wasn’t even aware was vacant. But somehow, Tetley moved in, took over and I am now the type of dog owner that I used to disdain. My work schedule, my leisure activities, my meals – they all revolve around the needs of this little dog…Read More

July 5, 2010Life and Green Bananas
“Getting old is not for the faint of heart” says my Mom with a grim chuckle. She has just found out that one of her brothers has broken his hip – again – and another brother has been admitted to the hospital for indeterminate reasons – again… Read More

July 1, 2010: Happy Canada Day! Laser Eye Surgery – Here’s Lookin’ At Ya!
Or not, as the case may be. It all depends on how close you are to my face.
You see, I am miserably myopic and of course because of my, ahem – age – I am also pitifully presbyopic. In other words, I can’t see anything further, or closer, than a distance of about six inches. That’s a pathetic range of vision however with the miracle of modern medicine, bifocal contact lenses have given me the ability to see the road clearly while I drive, and even read a road map if I am lost. Which, as many of you know, happens frequently…Read More

June 30, 2010: Jump in – the water’s fine! Connie shares her love of Aquafit with us in: Aquafit – or Why I stuff this body into a Speedo
After just one class, I was a convert to the wet side. For the past eight years, I had averaged two or three trips to the gym most weeks, until pain from an old knee injury – a reminder of my beloved red Rossignols and more confidence than ability on a double diamond run – prompted me to wade into the pool…Read More

June 30, 2010: I would like to welcome my soul-sister and blogging buddy, “ConnieTravelling”. Connie is wondering where she can find a forum for those with quiet voices and points of view…Lady Boomer is a great place to start! Check out her posting: Where do I go to protest the protesters?…….Read More

June 30, 2010Did You Know That Men and Women Are Different?
Yee gawds! Science is slowly coming around to the realization that men and women are – get ready – DIFFERENT! Not only are men from Mars and women from Venus, we actually metabolize food and process our energy requirements in gender-specific ways! Or to be more exact, in hormone-specific ways…Read More

June 24, 2010Red Light, Green Light
If you came to a red light and no one else was around, what would you do?….Read More

June 24, 2010What If Last Summer Was My Last Summer?
I just got back from visiting someone who has been told she only has, at most, two months to live. In spite of that, she is in good spirits – definitely better than I would be under the same circumstances……Read More

June 24, 2010:  Someone Else Is Trying To Drive My Car
You know the feeling. You look in your rear view mirror because you have the feeling that someone is trying to drive your car – and sure enough, there is a driver behind you that is so close you can’t even read his licence plate…. Read More