The Sounds of Silence

By: Connie Travelling – A boomer, sometimes a lady, Connie enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, family times – and grandchildren.

We’re empty nesting all over again. Christmas visitors have departed.

Our house now resonates with silence. I hear the steady hum of the refrigerator and the ponderous plodding of my overweight cat, the only resident delighted that his home is now his own, although in fairness it must be said that he has the added benefit of freedom from chubby fingers grasping his fur and delighted shrieks assaulting his elderly ears.

Our sons have been out of the family home for over a decade, yet there is always that keen sense of loss when they and their families leave after visiting for several days, or in this case a week, a whirl of family dinners and Christmas celebrations with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.

My husband and I have enjoyed an active, noisy and often chaotic time. And, yes, we are tired and will enjoy the simple gift of a full night of sleep. Then we’ll restore the house to its usual state of toyless perfection, organize our photos and reclaim our semi-retired lifestyle.

But I will leave our grandtoddlers’ fingerprints on the glass doors for at least another week.


About connietravelling

Connie Jamieson is a boomer, sometimes a lady, who enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, friends, family - and now three grandchildren.
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One Response to The Sounds of Silence

  1. Mary says:

    Bittersweet. I know the feeling. Feast or famine.

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