Making a list, checking it twice

By: Connie Travelling – A boomer, sometimes a lady, Connie Jamieson enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, family times – and grandchildren.

I’m a graduate of the “Gearing Up” Motorcycle Training Program at Durham College. And I qualified for my M class license the same weekend, just before my 50th birthday.

Do I have a bike? No. Will I get one? Probably not, although if I ever find an affordable Vespa scooter, you won’t see me for the cloud of dust.

I had to do it. Even if I hadn’t been kick-started by my adventurous friend Bette, I would have eventually accomplished it. You see, it was on my list of things to do.

I haven’t always been a list maker, but for the past two decades I’ve believed in the power of the list. Or more specifically, the power of intention. What I turn my mind to happens. What I bring my attention to gets done.

Twenty years ago, while recovering from a serious illness, I took stock of my life and wrote down everything I ever wanted to do, things I hadn’t accomplished, things I’d like to try, places that called me to visit. Since then, I’ve enjoyed opportunities and challenges preparatory to drawing a line through list items.

From swimming with giant turtles in Hawaii to delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors; from tracking radio-collared grizzlies in the Rockies on horseback to spending regular weekends with good friends; from adding perennial gardens to my lawn to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef off Australia, my list of crossed-off items grows every year.

I’m working on a novel, and I can feel the weight of the book in my hand, finished. How do I know I’ll see it done? It’s on my to-do list, with a completion date of 2012.

And then I just may find time to shop for a scooter. Scarlet, of course.


About connietravelling

Connie Jamieson is a boomer, sometimes a lady, who enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, friends, family - and now three grandchildren.
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One Response to Making a list, checking it twice

  1. EMH says:

    I love this posting on intentions and consequences. What we think about….happens! Thanks for sharing such a great life lesson.

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