It’s a Dog’s Life

It wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to occupy a corner of my heart that I wasn’t even aware was vacant. But somehow, Tetley moved in, took over and I am now the type of dog owner that I used to disdain. My work schedule, my leisure activities, my meals – they all revolve around the needs of this little dog.

For those of you who cannot relate – and I admit, I used to be one of them – this must sound absolutely ridiculous. After all, a dog is just  a dog; a canine companion who comes when he’s called and sits quietly when told. (Too bad more husbands can’t be like that!) Instead, I come when Tetley barks or sit patiently in a chair waiting for him to uncurl himself off my lap so I can then get up.

Pitiful but true.

The strange thing about this whole love story, is that none of this is a sacrifice. What Tetley wants, generally Tetley gets and I am happy to do it for him. His boundless joy and his perpetual affection are fuel for the bonds of love I have for this pooch. Even though he is almost anti-social to the rest of the world, he thinks I am a wonderful human being and the feelings are mutual.

Alas – Tetley is a noisy, yappy mutt who greets all my friends with a glower and growl. He then progresses to utterly ignoring them, or snarling at them whenever they try to acknowledge him. Everyone is better off ignoring him, at which point his curiosity overcomes him and he wanders over to investigate. But not for long – he soon reverts to telling my friends to “back off”  and leave him alone. This is a singular love affair and I happen to be the only object of his affection.

Lucky me. I never would have guessed that a yappy little dog could have brought so much joy into my life. It’s a dog’s life and I am happy to be his human.


About Lady Boomer

A voice for lady boomers, Bette Hodgins is a writer, life enthusiast and navel-gazer. Unfortunately navel lint keeps cluttering up her path to enlightenment, but she is nothing if not persistent in her journey of life!
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One Response to It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Janine Wansbrough says:

    Beautifully written Bette! What a wonderful blog that you have created, thanks for introducing me to this….Your friend Janine

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