Favourite Things

Do you remember the lyrics to “My Favourite Things”?

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string
These are a few of my favourite things….”

Maria had a lot of favourite things, and so do Lady Boomers. If you check the postings for “Favourite Things“, you will find blogs from other women who want to share thoughts on things that bring them joy.

They could be about books, movies, food, clothes, activities – it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter, is that it brings you happiness and you want to share it! Spread the joy!


3 Responses to Favourite Things

  1. Has anybody else out there discovered Chia seeds? I have- and my family are going nuts! I have so much surplus energy I’m bouncing round the house, while the younger members of the household are draped across couches and chairs like sloths.

    Chia ( Salvia hispanice) is an ancient seed, discovered, as the latin name suggests, by the Mexican indians many moons ago. It is the best source of whole food nutrients and one tiny teaspoon contains all the omega 3 EFA’s; protein,calcium, fibre and magnesium, as well as having a 960 ORAC value. ORAC is Oxygen radical absorbance capacity- in other words, it keeps those nasty free radicals in check.
    I have no self interest in this little gem- I mean, I don’t sell it or anything. I’m just a consumer.

    I learned about Chia seeds while I was reading a book called ‘Born To Run’. It’s about an ancient tribe in Death Valley who can run barefoot across the desert for fifty or sixty miles in blistering heat. They can even outrun horses! The book is a great read and very inspiring.

    Anyway, back to me and my boundless energy. I attribute it to the Chia. I sprinkle them on my porridge every morning and you wouldn’t believe how I’m outpacing my grandkids!

    During a recent trip to the old country, I tried to buy chia to supplement all the fish and chip dinners and the scones with jam and cream I consumed on a regular basis, but none of the health stores had heard of it- so, for the time being, it is North America’s little secret.

    Can you imagine what would happen if the whole of the N.A. continent was converted to chia and the rest of the world lagged behind? We’d be cartwheeling across the Atlantic instead of lining up for cramped airplanes!

    This is my first entry in Lady Boomers, and I hope I haven’t put anyone off joining. To all you sane folk out there who are still thinking about it- please come back!
    I promise I’ll be the soul of restraint and respectibility (YUK) next time I visit. But I really wanted to share my current favourite thing with you, chia seeds and seaweed- Oh! I forgot to tell you about the seaweed. I’ll have to leave that until next time.

    • Linda says:

      So where can we get these chia seeds, and are they the same kind that make chia Pets? I wouldn’t mind the extra energy, but I don’t want to have green plants growing out of my ears – or any where else!

  2. Lady Boomer says:

    Hey Linda
    I imagine those chia seeds are available at a health food store. As for whether or not they are the same as chia Pets….I have no idea! But I’m with you – I don’t want green things shooting out of my orifices – I have enough trouble with words jumping out of my mouth, never mind plants!!

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