I’m not a religious person in the Judeo-Christian sense, but I do consider myself spiritual and “on the path” (as Oprah would say!) to someplace; where I am not exactly sure.

I suppose that is part of the adventure – not knowing where life is going, and not having any specific road map to get there. Those of you who know me, also know that a road map doesn’t do me any good anyway, because I am unquestionably challenged when it comes to navigation. At least if I have no destination, I can’t be lost!

There is a saying that goes “You cannot discover new oceans until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.  There is another saying that tells us “The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new oceans but in having new eyes”

Either way, the voyage of self-discovery is a never-ending journey that takes us through many different places, most notably the ones that exist inside our hearts and minds.

Space is not the final frontier (with all due respects to Star Trek and Captains Kirk and Picard!) and we are all pioneers in life’s adventure.

So, this section of the blog relates to that frontier and the journey to someplace with no specific destination and lots of interesting stops along the way.

If you want to follow the flight path, please check out the posts under “Self-Discovery