Grandparenting … four provinces away

ByConnie TravellingA boomer, sometimes a lady, Connie Jamieson enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, family times – and grandchildren.

He weighs thirty pounds and my arms feel the warm heaviness of his sleeping form. My breath ruffles wispy blond curls as I bend to kiss his head. How can I bear the reality of saying goodbye?

I remind myself to savour this moment, remember the joy. His parents are preparing to drive back to Toronto in five minutes to fly to BC, where they all live, so I’m packaging a moment while my grandson sleeps. I will unwrap this moment later tonight in quiet contemplation and gratitude.

As anyone who has experienced this bittersweet situation will remember, it is beyond difficult to be a grandparent at a distance, yet the visits are such a treat that I try not to let the family see my sorrow at visit’s end. Even parting with my teenaged children as they wandered off to university decades ago wasn’t this painful. Or does my memory deceive me?

Technology helps. Skype has been a blessing, adding the visual dimension to our conversation contacts. We’ve followed his progress from “bump in mummy’s tummy” to his current 14-month status. Videoconferencing doesn’t replicate the feel, the smell, the touch of him, but as long as he can see us once in a while, we won’t be such strangers to him when he sees us next. Months from now.



About connietravelling

Connie Jamieson is a boomer, sometimes a lady, who enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, friends, family - and now three grandchildren.
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4 Responses to Grandparenting … four provinces away

  1. Mary says:

    There is nothing better than holding a sleeping grandchild. It’s momentous, and your story is a lovely tribute to the importance of this moment.

    When I was growing up, both sides of my family lived about 1/2 hour away. Times have changed.

    Thank you for reminding me of my blessings.

  2. LADYBEADER says:

    Hi Connie!

    Your grandson is beautiful. I can understand your sorrow in having to say good-bye to them. You know, it is only a 5 hour flight to Vancouver……..

  3. Lady Boomer says:

    I haven’t had the joy of a grandchild yet but I can totally relate to your comment about giving your children wings and roots, and then honouring the consequences of success. Sometimes, when I miss my son, I wish we hadn’t encouraged him quite so much to follow his dreams! I’m kidding, really, but whether it is kids or grandkids, it is tough to say good-bye when they leave.

  4. Connie says:

    They’ll be back at Christmas – actually following Boxing Day for a week. So we’re looking forward to that time as well.

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