Free Long Distance Calling?

Do you want free long distance calling anywhere in North America?

I currently have a long-distance plan for my house phone which allows me to make unlimited calls anywhere in Canada and the USA for a flat $20/month; no restrictions on time or day. In addition to that, I subscribed to Skype for $2.99/month which allowed me to make “voice over IP” phone calls anywhere in North America. The Skype option was handy for times when I wanted to use the phone but someone else in the family was already on it.

But now, there is an even better option available. If you have a Google email account (which is FREE) you can use it to call anyone’s landline in Canada and the USA at no charge. Yep, absolutely free. That is in addition to their free “video to video” service which allows you to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world at no charge (just like Skype)

I was skeptical when I first heard about the landline offer, but blown away after I tried it. The audio quality (so far) has been really good. For those of you who have used Skype for voice over IP, the quality has sometimes been tinny and choppy, making it a choice of last resort. But if GMail can keep it up, they may be giving the land-based long distance plans a real run for their money.

This may sound like a commercial for GMail. Let me reassure you that this silly scribe is not getting any money for this endorsement; I just wanted to let you all know about this opportunity and you can take it from there. At the very least, it is worth a look – it’s free and there is no obligation for you. And who knows – you might like it?! All  you have to do is sign up for a free GMail account, if you don’t already have one.

Have fun and happy calling!


About Lady Boomer

A voice for lady boomers, Bette Hodgins is a writer, life enthusiast and navel-gazer. Unfortunately navel lint keeps cluttering up her path to enlightenment, but she is nothing if not persistent in her journey of life!
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