Killbear Park – Food for the Soul!

After a ten year hiatus, my hubbie and I went back to Killbear Park for a few days of camping. Or, sort of camping, if you count an RV as an oversized tent with running water. With dogs, kayaks, hiking boots, camera and of course, a great deal of liquid refreshment, we spent five great days at Killbear. And because it is so early in the season, we had the beaches and trails all to ourselves. What bliss!

Of course, I had to experiment with my camera – and here are some of the results!

A beautiful sunset over one of the beaches at Killbear

A ribbon of light sparkles on the water. You just have to go for a sunset stroll when it looks like this!

The Boardwalk on Twin Points Trail beckons you to enter the forest

Water lilies reach out and cover the planks of the boardwalk

Intricate fungus blanket fallen trees

Tiny green spears pierce the forest floor everywhere you look - if you look carefully!

These wee trilliums beside an old stump looked like a magical setting

I wish I knew the names of these lovely plants. There weren't many of these along the trail, but their beautiful colour drew the eye of all those who passed by.

Close to the forest floor, you could find cloud bursts of white flowers if you got down on your knees!

Boulders slumber throughout the park, like ancient giants nestled into the ground. For all that they are rocks, they still provide a source of food for lichen and other sturdy plant life.

At the end of the trail, a timid deer peeked out from a hidden glen. What a lovely way to end a beautiful hike.


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A voice for lady boomers, Bette Hodgins is a writer, life enthusiast and navel-gazer. Unfortunately navel lint keeps cluttering up her path to enlightenment, but she is nothing if not persistent in her journey of life!
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4 Responses to Killbear Park – Food for the Soul!

  1. barb says:

    Fantastic pics!

  2. Mary says:

    Okay, I’m green with envy. What a treat to be that close to nature with your camera. Personally if I was going camping, I’d want your set up too (a pace to plug in my hair dryer).

    I’m doing a wild guess here but I wonder if that interesting plant with the purplish leaf you can’t identify is a “Jack in the Pulpit?

  3. Connie says:

    Wow! Great photos of wild creatures and plants. And I love the photo of Tetley.

    I have an Ontario wildflower book and I think the pink flower is a pink Lady Slipper orchid (cypripedium). We have them at the cottage. The white is more challenging – could be common yarrow (achillea) or hoary alyssum (berteroa blanche). I’d have to see the leaves closer to figure it out.

    It sounds like you had a great time. Perhaps you and Tetley might like to kayak Scugog with me one day.

    • Lady Boomer says:

      Absolutely yes! Tetley loves kayaking, as we discovered on this trip. He just sits up in front of me in the cockpit and, as always, tells me where to go! Captain Tetley!

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