A Great Escape And Her Two Accomplices

In a previous postCatch My Ride – Part Two” I shared my research on 6 different mini-SUV’s (Ford Escape, a 2007 Jeep Liberty, Honda CRV, Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Forester and the Toyota Rav). All of them handled well, were fun to drive and had lots of zip. But of course, each of them had some strong points and some areas of weakness. At the end of the day, the Ford Escape was my choice for overall performance and handling, as well as good value for money.

A few weeks ago, my new Escape came into the dealership. All we had to do was finish up the paperwork, hand over some money, and drive away. Simple, quick and easy. For Frank Szebedinsky, our Ford sales representative, the work was done when we signed the deal back in July.

Not so. When the truck came in, Frank reviewed the paperwork and re-calculated the cost based on the latest discounts available through Ford. He discovered that there were additional savings available if he re-did the deal (and all the paperwork) – so he called and advised us of the opportunity. In the end, Frank saved us an additional $2000 through his diligence and willingness to go the extra mile for customers who had already committed to buying a vehicle from him.

Even during the selling process, Frank was always helpful and informative. No question was silly, no inquiry frivolous. He made every effort to assist us in our decision, never pressuring or pushing us to “buy now or regret it later”. And when we finally did decide, he spent a long time trying to find us a 2010 Escape with the colour and options that we wanted. Ultimately we went with a 2011 because the right truck could not be found anywhere, but that was not for lack of effort on Frank’s part.

I LOVE my new Escape. It tells me where to go (a GPS!); I tell it what radio station I want to hear (voice control for radio stations and destinations!); it handles beautifully and the sound system is a BLAST! Granted, I have to jump up and down to close the rear hatchback, but other than looking like a fool on a pogo stick – minus the stick – this truck and I are meant to travel many miles together.

Thanks to Frank and my long-suffering husband who patiently supported this detailed process, my dream truck has come true. I can at last close the books on the pursuit of the perfect vehicle – at least until the next time!


About Lady Boomer

A voice for lady boomers, Bette Hodgins is a writer, life enthusiast and navel-gazer. Unfortunately navel lint keeps cluttering up her path to enlightenment, but she is nothing if not persistent in her journey of life!
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3 Responses to A Great Escape And Her Two Accomplices

  1. barb says:

    I already have enough people telling me where to go, without a machine also telling me! LOL!! Can you send me a “Frank” too? Congrats on the new vehicle. BTW, like your red jacket

  2. Beth says:

    So glad your new vehicle is not red as you will be sure to get fewer tickets now…also sprinkles of grey hair always helps to defer the nasty paper transaction that comes with pushing the pedal down to far!
    I must say this boomer is now driving a 2000 blue Subaru Outback and now that the long blond tresses are gone and the once slim chin has doubled, I think my risk for a speeding ticket is now practically obsolete! More pocket change for us boomers…oops forgot there’s always the new HST. So much for saving for retirement.

    • Lady Boomer says:

      Hey Beth – the long blond tresses may be gone, but the twinkle in your eyes is just as vivacious as it ever was! Not to mention your grin – you are still up for some fun (and some trouble)!!! Ya hooooo!

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