Hiking In A Fairy Tale

Did you hear that? There was a muffled giggle coming from behind that rock…..

Or that – did you see that? A spangle of light darting from one autumn leaf to the next?

Walking through Watkins Glen is like hiking through a magical place, where fairies seem to flit behind sunshine-dappled trees. Waterfalls tumble over ancient limestone ledges, and gentle rapids gurgle over smooth, rounded rocks. It is Rivendell (Lord of the Rings), where elves live in the hidden splendour of cliffs and sheer rock faces.

In some spots, the river surges out of the cliffs and falls hundreds of feet to the basin below.

Old stone bridges span the river, giving those of us without wings, an opportunity to see the gorge from both sides.

In places, the river slows to a gentle pace and the surface sparkles with light. A person can almost see the fairies dancing on the water….

Stone walkways and steps provide a footpath to guide mere mortals along the riverbed.

Watkins Glen is only two hours from Letchworth State Park in New York State – well worth the extra time if you want to see where fairies dance!


About Lady Boomer

A voice for lady boomers, Bette Hodgins is a writer, life enthusiast and navel-gazer. Unfortunately navel lint keeps cluttering up her path to enlightenment, but she is nothing if not persistent in her journey of life!
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